literacy charities

Support a literacy project
Books in Homes Australia – a positive reading and mentoring program which helps disadvantaged children from disdadvantaged communities to improve their literacy so they can create greater opportunities for themselves later in life.
Care Australia – non-government organisation committed to serving individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world. Sponsor an educational gift.
Dymocks Literacy Foundation – Help kids in need read! Literacy is the foundation of education, learning and communication. DLF raises funds to help children learn to read and write effectively and to fall in love with reading.
Feelix Library suitcases from Vision Australia – A Braille book library for children who are blind or vision impaired aged from birth to six. Hand-made kits available in English and other languages contain Braille and audio storybooks along with toys and tactile objects that help to bring the magical world of stories to life. Your donation will make a big difference.
Indigenous Literacy Project  – highlighted by Indigenous Literacy Day in early September. This project addresses the literacy crisis in remote Indigenous communities.
Literacy Backpacks – this inspiring program promotes reading to Aboriginal children and their families in southern Arnhem Land and other communities east of Katherine.  Established by Ian Thorpe’s Fountain for Youth with the support of NT schools and teachers.
MS Readathon – Tara June Winch’s non-profit organisation promoting literacy and education for women and girls.
The Pyjama Foundation – enables volunteer angels to read to children in foster care on a weekly basis. TPF aims to assist in improving children’s literacy levels, inspire a love of learning, instil a belief in self-worth, and help children become confident people valued by society. Support their Reading Frenzy.
The Smith Family gift packs – donations help financially disadvantaged children and families get equal access to opportunities that others may take for granted.  Choose from school excursion gift, toy and book pack and others.
TEAR Australia Useful Gifts – Sponsor an educational gift; school supplies, literacy skills, primary schooling.


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